The Plot of “Rumors”

We are witnessing the 10th anniversary party of Charlie Brock, the Deputy Mayor of New York, and his wife, Myra. Unfortunately, things are not going quite to plan. All the kitchen staff is gone, Myra is missing, and Charlie has shot himself in the head.
As Ken Gorman and his wife Chris are trying to hide what happened from the other guests, rumors spread and dinner is almost ready there is another gunshot and complete confusion.
As dinner ends all friends have been told the entirety of the situation and the guests are agreeing on a plot to present to the police who are about to arrive, including playing Charlie to make sure their friend the mayor gets out of this reputationally unharmed. But they can’t keep the situation under control that easily…

Neil Simon

Neil Simon is an American playwright, screenwriter and author. He has written more than thirty plays and nearly the same number of movie screenplays, mostly adaptations of his plays. He has received more combined Oscar and Tony nominations than any other writer.
During one season, he had four successful plays running on Broadway at the same time, and in 1983 became the only living playwright to have a New York theatre, the Neil Simon Theatre, named in his honor. Also in 1983, Simon was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame.