The Plot of “Popcorn”

The cult director Bruce Delamitri is at the top of his popularity and has just won the Oskar for best director for his latest movie success, a mix of Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction.
Being criticized for his films as glorifying violence and triggering bursts of violence in people, he himself is rather arrogant in his notional intellectual superiority. In his opinion, he just shows existing reality, besides, of course, his films would have no negative impact on anyone. Unfortunately, a killer couple is on the streets: Wayne and Scout murder more or less senselessly and go about it with the utmost brutality and cold. After seeing an interview with Delamitri on TV, Wayne comes up with a brilliant idea for their rescue from the for sure death sentence. But they have to pay the director a home visit …

Ben Elton

Ben Elton is an English comedian, author, playwright, actor and director. He was a part of London’s alternative comedy movement of the 1980s and became a writer on series such as The Young Ones and Blackadder, as well as continuing as a stand-up comedian on stage and television. Since the 1980s he has published numerous novels and written the musicals We Will Rock You (2002) and Love Never Dies (2010), the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.
The novel Popcorn (1996) was UK No 1 and won the Crime Writers’ Association of Great Britain Gold Dagger Award for fiction.