The Plot of “Central Park West”

At the beginning of Woody Allen’s Central Park West, Phyllis, a successful therapist, is incredibly angry and a little drunk. She has just broken an expensive sculpture by throwing her after Sam, her faithless husband, and has a strong suspicion who the current lover is he wants to leave her for. When her friend Carol arrives, she does not deny it for too long – she is too happy to know that Sam wants to start a new life. When Howard arrives shortly afterwards, a manic-depressive failed writer and Carol’s husband, he also learns that he has been cheated for years. Howard, already in a rather depressive phase, quickly concludes that he has no choice but to take rather aggressive actions.
But then Sam comes back to get his stuff, followed by Juliet a little later – twenty-one, beautiful, patient of Phyllis and another twist in the love game. The cards are remixed…
The characters in Allen’s farce have disrespected and betrayed each other for years; Now, led by Phyllis, they are returning home in an exchange of deadly truths and accusations.

Woody Allen

Woody Allen is an American filmmaker, writer, actor, comedian, and musician whose career spans more than six decades.
While best known for his films, Allen has enjoyed a successful career in theatre, starting as early as 1960, when he wrote sketches for the revue From A to Z. His first great success was Don’t Drink the Water, which opened in 1968, and ran for 598 performances for almost two years on Broadway. In the 1970s, Allen wrote a number of one-act plays and in 1981, Allen’s play The Floating Light Bulb opened on Broadway. After a long hiatus from the stage, Allen returned to the theatre in 1995, with the one-act Central Park West and has been writing, producing and directing several plays, musicals and even an opera since then.


  • Nica F. Brandao
  • Annika Wölfl
  • Jörg Finger
  • Jan Reuter
  • Mona Rehder