The Plot of “All New People”

At the start of the play we discover Charlie standing on a chair and trying to hang himself in an expensive beach house on Long Beach Island. He is interrupted by Emma, a young british, who comes to this holiday area in the midst of winter to show the house to possible tenants. Emma is convinced that it is divine intervention that sent her on a mission to rescue Charlie. She calls her friend Myron, the local fireman and drug-dealer, to help. The foursome is completed with Kim, a young prostitute sent by Charlies’ New York friends to cheer him up. As the play progresses, the reasons of how each of the them came to be there and why Charlie was trying to kill himself are revealed – and we discover four lonely people trying to find a sense in their lifes.

Zach Braff

Zach Braff is an American actor and filmmaker. Especially in Germany he is maybe best known for his role as J. D. on the television series Scrubs.
In 2004, Braff made his directorial debut with the movie Garden State. The film made over $35 million at the box office and was praised by critics, leading it to gain a cult following. Braff wrote the film, starred in it, and compiled the soundtrack album. He won numerous awards for his directing work, and also won the Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album in 2005.
Braff has also appeared on stage in his play All New People which premiered in New York City in 2011 before playing in London’s West End, and he played the lead role in a musical adaptation of Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway in 2014.